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Leadstar Media was founded in 2009 and is today one of the most respected lead generation companies within iGaming. The focus has since day one been to deliver stable growth in leads with the focus on building products based on our expertise in search engine optimization. By understanding punters’ needs we ensure to build the best products which subsequently results in us being able to deliver high quality leads to our trusted partners.

The main focus for Leadstar Media is sports betting but we do also deliver casino traffic to our partners.

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"We are always striving for long lasting partnerships
based on transparency, trust and results"

- Paolo, Senior Account Manager



Leadstar Media is today one of the global actors within iGaming affiliation with a presence in 25+ geographical markets. In many of these markets we are one of the main affiliates within sports betting and we do also deliver a significant amount of casino traffic to our partners. Leadstar Media has always built products based on proudness and passion and we are only looking for long term partnerships based on trust, transparency and results focus.

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We are a reliable and trustworthy partner with over 10 years of experience.

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We are one of the leading actors within sports betting affiliation

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We are a loyal partner who always strives for long term partnerships

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We opertate in 25+ geographical markets.

Meet the

Account Managers

Our Account Management team is always open to discuss potential long term partnerships. Please contact one of our Account Managers if you are looking for a partner who delivers high quality leads.

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