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We are always striving for building the best products by understanding the punter's needs. Through our expertise in search engine optimization we understand what’s important for people interested in sports betting. The focus for our products are to facilitate punter’s choices and boost their sports betting experience.

Today we are operating around 50 products in 25 geographical markets. Below you can find a selection of our products.

Bettingstugan is a Swedish sports betting site focused on betting tips, information and guides. It’s the Swedish home of betting. The tipsters are among the best in the country, but any member of the Bettingstugan community can also contribute with their tips and knowledge about betting.

Gambling is on the rise in the US! And so are we, with our American flagship Here, our visitors can easily compare and find the best sites for online casino and sports betting in their state of choice.

Travstugan is one of the leading trotting communities in Sweden as well as the largest site for trotting tips and betting pools. We take great pride in always improving our product to provide the best possible experience for our readers.

Oddsbonusar is a Swedish comparison site focused on comparing welcome offers and sportsbooks. Our goal with the site is to provide a platform for visitors to easily compare the market’s best welcome offers and sportsbooks. We aim to demonstrate to our visitors how the welcome offers work through our guides and other educational tools.

At, Swedish players will get the best overview of the bookmakers with a Swedish license. The site’s main focus is rankings and reviews of online betting sites in Sweden, but it also serves as a tool for learning more about betting, through guides, lists and information.

For all Germans looking to compare betting sites and offers, is the place to start. With a comprehensive guide to all the bookmakers in the German market, we are confident to call MyWettbonus one of the best services in the market.

Italians are mad about betting and so they are always looking for the best betting sites and offers. At our team investigate and compare the best offers from the most trustworthy betting sites in the Italian market.

In the tough and competitive environment that is UK betting, provides a unique tool to compare betting sites. Our trustworthy and knowledgeable team provide all our UK and international visitors with a complete guide to help them choose a betting site best fitted to their needs.

Sportbloggare is the biggest sports blog portal in Sweden with hundreds of thousands of visits every month. The site has a lot of followers on social media platforms and contains one of the most popular hockey blogs in Sweden, Dragskott. Anyone can apply to open their own sports blog at the site.

Brazil is a country on the march when it comes to sports betting, and many Brazilians turn to for their sports betting needs. On the site, they are provided with a great comparison service, to help them find a betting site that suits their fancy.

A breath of fresh air in the world of UK football betting, strive to satisfy the needs of punters looking for betting tips and members of the public who are eager to learn more about odds and betting sites. It is heavily based on a community-feel but with the betting tips as the primary reason for visiting the site.

Football, community and learning are the three main words that come to mind when talking about betting tips site With a foundation of great articles and guides about football betting and an excellent selection of betting tips, MySportwetten will be a force to be reckoned within the German betting tips-arena.

In the highly regulated Danish betting market, there is a huge demand for a site that compares all the offers from the most trustworthy betting sites. With, that is precisely what you get. Our Danish team always look to bring the best and most trusted betting sites and offers to the fore. is a great hub for those who are looking for betting information in Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America. Although launched as late as 2019, it has already become a popular place to read reviews of, and compare, online betting sites.

In the regulated French market, there was a need for a really good website for online betting. Enter The site is jam-packed with information about the French betting scene, and makes it easy for French nationals to find a betting site for their needs.